Masters courses prepare you for a broad range of sailing leading to BHSC Bareboat Charter certification for the Caribbean vacation you’ve promised yourself and ocean passage training to build sailing confidence in the open sea. There are 6 components to each Masters course; the first 5 are the same, the courses differ only in how the final component, the Masters Certification Cruise, is conducted. Courses start every week. Includes 35 DAYS FREE SAILING     


DAYSAILING: 24 hours onboard teach the basics of sailing and harbor navigation and anchoring on a Boston 27 and Pearson 26. Take daysailing 2 weekdays 9-6 and Saturday 9-3, 5 weeknights 5-8:30 and Saturday 9-3, or weekends, Saturday/Sunday 9-6 plus Saturday 9-3. This course prepares you for BHSC Basic Keelboat Certification.

COASTAL NAVIGATION CRUISE: Sunday cruise to Marblehead or Cohasset teaches GPS and traditional navigation on the Albin 28, includes an introduction to diesels and docking practice at a lunch stopover. This class and Night Sailing prepares you for BHSC Basic Coastal Cruising certification. Given most Sundays 9-7.

NIGHT SAILING: 5-12 most Fridays on a Pearson 31 or Cal 33, class starts with a vessel orientation, then practice docking, onboard lecture covers night aids to navigation and vessel lighting requirements then a 4-5 hour night sail in Boston outer harbor, a good locale to show techniques of sailing after dark. Prepares you for Master Certification Cruise.

ADVANCED SAILING: This class is given every 3rd weekend 9-5 each day on the J29, big brother to the J24 and a great platform to teach sail trim, boat adjustments and spinnaker handling on a boat that’s fun to sail. This course prepares students for BHSC Bareboat and Advanced Coastal Cruising Certifications (Masters 30).

MASTERS CERTIFICATION CRUISE: a Certification Cruise is the final part of the Masters courses. Masters 30 cruises are 48 hours each on a Pearson 31 (M30). Cruises leave late Friday evening, sail overnight to Provincetown, arrive early Saturday, practice docking, anchoring and maneuvering drills Saturday and sail back Sunday. The Masters 40 PASSAGE is 5 days, starts with a vessel introduction then a non-stop 125-150 mile ocean passage to Boothbay Harbor or Nantucket, a day of onboard drills in port followed by a coastwise return to expose students to the rigors of ocean sailing and the intricacies of sailing along the coast. Prepares you for BHSC Bareboat Charter and Advanced Coastal Certification. Scheduled periodically when students have completed 3 certifications.

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