BASIC NAVIGATION: $300, each additional person $131. Orientation to chart reading and systems on the Pearson 26 including anchoring and use of outboard engine followed by a 5 hour cruise through Boston Harbor on the Pearson 26 using land and sea based aids to navigation to sail safely. Schedule: Thursdays 9:30-3:30, or Saturdays 9-3, or some Sundays 9-3 or 1-6.

COASTAL NAVIGATION CRUISE: $300, each additional person $215. Ten (10) hours coastal navigation instruction on a cruise to either Cohasset or Marblehead every Saturday or Sunday 9-7 on ALBIN 28 or SCAMPI 30. Students plot courses, take bearings/fixes and check them with GPS. Before getting underway the instructor conducts an orientation to the diesel engine and other features of the boat. Schedule: Saturday or Sunday 9-7.

NIGHT SAILING: $200, each additional person $137. The 7 hour night sailing course is given on the PEARSON 31, a modern boat with wheel steering. After an orientation to the boat and the lighting rules for sailing at night there is an hour of docking practice. At 7:30 the class gets underway for a night sail to show and use the extensive system of nighttime aids to navigation in Boston Harbor. Schedule: Friday night 5 pm to midnight.

ADVANCED SAILING: $399, each additional person $356. Sixteen (16) hours aboard the J29 gives students training in teamwork needed to sail and manage a mid-size ocean racer. The J29 is a boat with exhilarating performance but needs careful attention to sail trim adjustments to keep it balanced, under control and moving well. Its an excellent training platform to learn the skills needed to handle big boat sail plans. Schedule: Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm both days. Offered every second or third weekend.

ADVANCED CRUISING LECTURES: $195, each additional person $146, plus additional materials needed. Twelve (12) hours of lectures are given at the Mariner’s House in the North End of Boston. The first lecture is advanced navigation. Lecture two solves navigation problems, and touches on electronic navigation and lecture three describes the mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems found on cruising sailboats and how to troubleshoot common problems. Lectures one and two prepare students for the ASA Coastal Navigation (105) exam. Optional text available. Link to dates and times. Schedule: Sundays 6-10 pm.

MASTERS 30/40 CERTIFICATION CRUISES: MASTERS 30 – $399, each additional person $299; MASTERS 40 – $699, each additional person $499. A 48 hour certification cruise is the final component for Masters 30 and 40 students. It is conducted on the Pearson 31 (Masters 30) or the Cal 39 (Masters 40). Students meet on the dock Friday evening at 7. After an onboard orientation, students set conventional and electronic courses and are underway by midnight. They sail all night 50 miles across Mass Bay to Provincetown, arriving early morning. Saturday is spent in boatkeeping, docking, anchoring and navigation drills followed by dinner ashore. Saturday night is spent anchored out for an early return to Boston on Sunday. Schedule: See the lessons page for more information. Students must pass ASA BKB Basic Keelboat(101), BCC Basic Coastal Cruising (103) and CON Coastal Navigation (105) before scheduling their cruise.

MASTERS 40 OCEAN PASSAGE CERTIFICATION CRUISE: $1396, each additional person $999. A 120 hour certification cruise on the Cal 39 is the final component for Masters 50 students. It differs materially from the 30/40 cruises. In five 5 days aboard students experience open ocean conditions, maneuver the boat in port and return by a coastwise route. Students board Monday morning at 10, settle in, set paper and electronic courses, provision the boat then, after a vessel orientation set sail for a two day non-stop open ocean passage north to Boothbay or south to Nantucket. The middle day is spent on portside on boatkeeping, docking, anchoring and navigation maneuvers. Thursday students return via a two day coastal passage arriving late Friday. Schedule: See the lessons page for more information. Students must pass ASA BKB Basic Keelboat(101)BCC Basic Coastal Cruising (103) and CON Coastal Navigation (105) before scheduling their cruise.

RACING COURSE: $399, each additional person $299. For more information, visit the Racing Classes page.

SPINNAKER TRAINING: $200, each additional person $150. Available as an addition to the Daysailing Class. The spinnaker is an exciting sail to use and adds instantly to boat speed off the wind, allowing students to reach another level of sailing enjoyment. Onboard training emphasizes the teamwork needed to raise and trim the sail and the procedures needed to keep the sail untangled and flying free.

PRIVATE LESSONS: $240 pluse 1/2 rental of vessel for minimum of four hours.

CERTIFICATION EXAMS: $84, Retakes $50.

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