WEEKDAYS: First come first served, one reservation on the books at a time (except for advance reservations and vacations). Mondays and Fridays that are part of holiday weekends are considered weekdays; you must specify if you want to include the weekday holiday in a reservation for a holiday weekend.

WEEKENDS: For all boats except soling/sonar reserve by e-mail (preferred) or phone Friday 9-5 pm 8 days in advance for the next weekend. Reservations made after 5pm Friday are late. Boats are given first to members who have made a timely request and waited longest for a weekend reservation. Reserve solings/sonar anytime, one reservation at a time. PICK UP YOUR WEEKEND BOAT BY 11:00 AM OR YOUR RESERVATION WILL LAPSE.

ADVANCE RESERVATION WEEKEND (ARW): You may reserve two weekends for the Pearson 26 and J29 in advance of the standard Friday reservation procedure. A28/Gold/Platinum members may reserve one weekend on dates on either side of the normal vacation periods (“prime time”: A 3 month period from late June through the first weekend after Labor Day for Albin 28 and larger cruising boats); boats are subject to availability. An advance reservation gives you priority over persons making weekend reservations. If you cancel an advance reservation you lose it. BOAT MUST BE PICKED UP BY 11:00 AM.

VACATIONS: Reserve vacation days by email for available times. Vacations are first-come first-served and are scheduled to ensure the Club has time to prepare your boat (no Sunday or Monday starts). Only one vacation in prime time. Included vacation days may not be split. You may add vacation days to your ARW. Boats are ready for boarding at 9:30 am. Early boarding (after 6 pm the day before) is available at 1/2 vacation day charge. A vacation day is 4 or more days of consecutive use unless scheduled daily.

USE OF OTHER BOATS: You may use certain boats priced below your primary membership: Unlimited use of Pearson 26, Soling and Sonar (reserve in advance); limited use of Silver and Gold boats (reserve the day before use). J29 s reservations are limited to J29 members. Gold and Platinum members have limited use of J29’s (may use if unreserved less than 24 hours ahead of use).

SPECIAL RESERVATION PROVISIONS: Vacations have highest priority. SOLINGS: Racing priority Wednesday eves June-August, Sunday mornings in fall BRONZE: Members may make two advance reservation weekends in prime time. TITANIUM: Members may make two advance reservation weekends in prime time. SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM: Members may purchase extended vacation time.

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