Operator is responsible for the lesser of any insurance deductible or up to $2000 per vessel to repair damage to yacht(s) caused by the ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE of collision with another vessel or grounding. Damages are defined as transporting, hauling, unrigging, repairing, rerigging, launching and returning vessel at the Club personnel rates ($60/hr) and or the rates charged by contractors. Operator is fully liable for damage (including loss of use) to yacht (s) caused by GROSS NEGLIGENCE or INTENTIONALLY. Examples of gross negligence include (but are not limited to) Operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to use up-to-date nautical charts, tieup of vessels to inappropriate structures such as bulkheads or pilings not suited for recreational vessels, failing to secure vessel properly to mooring or dock, operation of yacht’s engine without proper cooling or lubrication, undertaking a manifestly unsafe voyage, striking a bridge with the mast. In the case of damages occurring during a Club race, the decision of the Race Committee as to fault shall be final.

The Operator is responsible for breakage of the vessel(s) equipment when that breakage is not caused by a collision with another yacht or grounding. For example, dropping the plexiglass hatch boards on the vessel and breaking them is not covered by insureance .

Any operator involved in grounding of a club boat may be required to take the Basic Navigation course.

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