Club boats are equipped to standards that meet or exceed Federal Regulations. Pearson 26 to Cal 39’s are equipped with Type 1 offshore life vests which provide double the required buoyancy (32 lbs v. 15.8 lbs) of the more common type 2 inshore vests. On vessels over 31 feet there are double the number of fire extinguishers required (4 vs. 2) and each has metal valves, not plastic. Metal valves provide added protection against discharge. Flares, sounding devices and regulatory placards all meet federal standards.

Vessels that cruise (Albin 28 through Cal 39) are supplied with an extensive inventory of items useful to the cruising experience. Smaller boats may not have all the following items but most are common to the cruising fleet. Equipment: flashlight, spotlight, fenders, docklines, shore power cord, emergency tiller, working anchor, storm anchor, comprehensive tool/spares kit, dodger, side curtains, sunshield w/pole, dinghy, Outboard, cockpit cushions, boat hook, barbecue with utensils. Galley: pots and pans, plates, cups, glasses, bowls, cutlery, colander, drainer, baking pan, tea kettle, coffee pot, cutting board, paper towel dispenser, oven mitt, can opener, spatula, ladle, corkscrew, bottle opener, paring tool, sink stoppers. Cleaning Equipment: boat soap, bilge cleaner, bucket, brush with handle, hose with nozzle, ample toilet paper and toilet brush. Supplies: Spare motor oil, spare pre-mix gas for outboard, propane, boat stove alcohol.

Consumable supplies– dish soap, spray cleaner, scrubbies, paper towels, trash bags, charcoal, Linens– sheets, pillows, blankets, pillow cases, towels, Personal Safety Gear– inflatable pfds with tether, are available for daysailing or cruising at additional cost.

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